The Innovative Mind behind Energy-Smart Pricing

At the Chicago Sun-Times Innovations Awards ceremony in October, where the Community Energy Cooperative’s Energy-Smart Pricing Plan was recognized for saving consumers money while reducing stress on the electricity grid, to the delight of everyone from the Coop, Maurie Gamze was in attendance.

CNT's CEO, Kathy Tholin, in receiving the Innovations Award, recognized Maurie from the podium as the real innovator behind the Energy-Smart Pricing Plan.

Maurie Gamze is a visionary engineer, who served on the Board at CNT and recently retired from a staff position at the Community Energy Cooperative. While working with the Cooperative, Gamze applied his decades of energy management experience to develop the framework of the ground-breaking electricity pricing program.

Today the Energy-Smart Pricing Plan has demonstrated that hourly pricing can save customers money, encourage energy efficiency, and reduce strain on the electricity infrastructure during hours when demand is highest. We were happy that Mr. Gamze was in attendance to take part in the honor of this innovation.

Customers who are interested in receiving more information about how they can enroll in the new, expanded program can fill out an interest form at

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  1. quasify / NStar PowerCost Monitor Purchase Deadline Says:

    [...] While this is not as powerful or sophisticated as Maurie Gamze’s Energy-Smart Pricing Plan being tested in Chicago (which emails homeowners directly when prices hit certain levels throughout the day), but it’s a start. The 2005 ESPP Executive Summary shows they were seeing a 1.8 to 4.5% drop in power usage, depending on time of day and current cost levels. This is less than the 20%-25% being touted by the manufacturers of this and other similar products, but it’s a step towards bringing dynamic information reform to the otherwise inefficient electricity market. [...]