Illinois Smart Grid Initiative Launches

The Illinois Smart Grid Initiative is a voluntary group of state and local government, consumer, business, environmental, and utility stakeholders that will work together to examine how consumers can benefit from comprehensive grid modernization in Illinois. The Initiative is a project of CNT and is funded by the Galvin Project and assisted by the Galvin Electricity Initiative and USDOE.

A series of stakeholder meetings will be held in the coming months to engage policymakers and other influential leaders in the state in a discussion of the critical grid issues, opportunities, and costs, and to develop policies to improve performance of the electric power system. The Initiative plans to conclude its year-long project by issuing a report identifying key steps for improving electricity services throughout the State.

“As part of our goal to make Chicago the most environmentally-friendly city in the nation, we should not overlook improvements to our electric power grid,” said Mayor Daley. “The work of this initiative is a major step in the right direction and underscores the need for making electricity grids smarter, more efficient and most importantly, better for the environment.”

“Grid modernization should be approached in a way that provides concrete net benefits to consumers,” said Kathryn Tholin, CNT’s CEO. “This project’s unique contribution to the national discussion on smart grids is its focus on the opportunities for consumers, including residents, businesses, and institutions.”

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