Americans Want Strong Leadership and Action on Climate Change, Poll Finds

A recent Harris poll found that nearly two-thirds of Americans want the next President to initiate strong action on climate change. The nationwide poll shows that 4 in 10 Americans agree that if action is not taken to address global warming and climate change, the country’s national security will be threatened by global instability.

The Presidential Climate Action Project (PCAP) commissioned the poll, in an ongoing series to directly measure American opinion on the urgency of Presidential action on climate change. The poll was taken as the National Intelligence Council issued the first-ever National Intelligence Assessment on the link between global climate change and the nation’s security.

Americans report increasing levels of awareness of each of the Presidential candidate’s climate change/global warming policies. According to the poll, 35% of respondents believe that Senator Obama offers the strongest policy on climate change. Half as many respondents (17%) believe that McCain offers a stronger climate change policy.

The poll also found that respondents from the West coast remain the most likely to ascribe a higher level of importance to the urgency question, women are more likely to believe it is important that the next President takes strong action to address climate change, and younger voters from Generations Y and X are particularly likely to believe that strong action is extremely or very important.

In December, PCAP developed the Presidential Climate Action Plan, framing the agenda for the first 100 days of the next Administration. The plan was developed by a broad group of leaders from around the nation, and is the most comprehensive and detailed plan for national climate action presented to the presidential candidates and the American people. CNT’s research and expertise in transportation, land use, and climate change formed the basis of the plan’s transportation agenda. Additionally, CNT President Scott Bernstein serves on the Steering Committee of the Presidential Climate Action Project, bringing CNT’s deep understanding of sustainable, measurable, place-based solutions with net economic benefits to this monumental project.

More information on the Presidential Climate Action Project here.

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