Congratulations to President-Elect and Former Board Member, Senator Barack Obama

On Tuesday night, history was made in electing the nation’s first African-American President, Barack Obama. CNT is especially proud to note that President-Elect Obama spent part of his time in Chicago as a CNT Board member.

President-Elect Obama won the election, in large part, by inspiring new individuals to mobilize and vote. His well-run campaign was attributed to the skills he developed as a community organizer on the south side of Chicago. When he served on CNT’s board from 1993-1994, he was part of a group of dedicated individuals who used their skills to creatively inspire and empower people to reinvest in Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods. He participated in developing and adopting strategies that positioned CNT at the intersection of environment and community development. This experience in building coalitions will bring a unique perspective to the Presidency of the United States-perhaps the most insightful of any other President-to the urban issues of America’s cities. CNT is proud to be an ally in promoting the assets of urban areas-people, networks and resources-as solutions to eminent issues like climate change, housing foreclosures and unaffordable gas prices.