A Toast to Studs Terkel, from CNT

CNT joins people all around the world to mourn the loss of Studs Terkel. CNT has fond memories of Studs, most especially at an event we hosted in honor of him back in 1991, “A Toast to Studs Terkel”. The event, held at the Bismarck Hotel (now the Cadillac Theatre) hosted an array of admirers; Pete Seeger, Richie Havens, and CNT Staff sat around checkerboard-adorned tables (in honor of Studs favorite shirt pattern) and listened to Studs talk about his life of making interesting stories out of everyday lives. Among the hundreds of attendees, a German exchange student that CNT was hosting was most thrilled to learn about and meet Studs, and left that night a fan. It was a lovely affair that many current CNT staff still remember fondly. We still hang the red checkered banner, from the event, proudly in our office.