Investing in a New Direction: A Call to President Obama and Congress

CNT is part of the Transportation for America (T4America), a coalition of more that 225 organizations and 15,000 individual members, advocating for new federal transportation mission.

Today in Washington, D.C, T4America released its transportation platform (.pdf). In opening remarks, Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) called the coalition perhaps the “most formidable” such coalition assembled on behalf of transportation reform. In a keynote address, Mayor John Robert Smith of Meridian Mississippi noted that towns large and small, in every region of the country, would benefit from more transportation options, while the county as a whole would reap reduced oil dependency, lower carbon emissions and greater access to opportunity. Other panelists spoke on behalf of the public health benefits, implications for real estate development and the need for local areas to have greater latitude to address their mobility issues.

Read more in the press release.