Support the “Green Infrastructure for Clean Water Act”!

Green infrastructure has arrived on the national agenda, with funding to back it up. Thanks in part to CNT.

The federal stimulus act explicitly places a clear priority, and 20 percent of water infrastructure funding, onto green roofs, rain gardens, pocket wetlands, native vegetation, sustainable streets and parking lots, and other landscape-based water-conserving measures.

CNT recently advised President Obama’s Transition Team on the value of green infrastructure in federal water, housing, energy and other programs and was gratified to see that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 dedicates at least $1.2 billion to green infrastructure.

The act recognizes these and additional “environmentally innovative activities” as keys to shoring up the nation’s aging, over-stretched waste water and drinking water infrastructure. The allocation is part of $6 billion dedicated to the Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act State Revolving Funds and means $52 million for environmentally sustainable capital water projects in Illinois that improve community health.

CNT is also further promoting statewide conservation-based water infrastructure. We have proposed the Green Infrastructure for Clean Water Act in the Illinois General Assembly. Voice your support today: Call State Senator Iris Martinez, 217-782-8191, for Senate Bill 1489 and State Representative Elaine Nekritz, 217-558-1004, for House Bill 2434.

Public agencies interested in applying for funding for green infrastructure projects from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund should contact the Illinois EPA Bureau of Water in Springfield, 217-782-1654. Other state agency contacts can be downloaded here (.pdf).

More information:
Illinois EPA guidance on water funding under the stimulus

U.S. EPA water stimulus page

Guidance on water funding under the stimulus (.pdf)
Note that ” Attachment 7 on Page 42 focuses on the Clean Water SRF Green Reserve for 1) Energy Efficiency; 2) Water Efficiency; 3) Green Infrastructure; and 4) Innovative Environmental Projects.”

U.S. EPA guidance on green infrastructure and State Revolving Loan Fund (SRF) applications

3 Responses to “Support the “Green Infrastructure for Clean Water Act”!”

  1. Katie Armstrong Says:

    I wonder if you include PROTECTION OF OUR AQUIFERS in

    the support of the CLEAN WATER ACT . We in Park

    Forest have four wellheads within the proposed EJ&E

    Canadien National easement . The majority of the

    freight carried by CN is hazardous . The number of

    trains will increase by 400%. As you know State

    law bans all hazardous waste within a thousand

    foot radius of the wellhead , which exposes the

    aquifer to runoff down the well piping . As you

    know aquifers cannot be cleaned , they must be

    protected. Many of the municipalities along the

    arc have their clean water source similarily

    threatened .

    It seems to me that transport of hazardous

    waste ought to be banned in all urban

    areas. The Draft EIS of the CN proposal states

    that 300 jobs will be LOST by this

    project . Hardly worth the risk.

    Now is the time to plan our rail system to

    benefit people. Passenger rail benefits

    us; freight trains are dangerous , noisy, traffic

    stoppers . Being “freight handler to the

    nation” does nothing to improve the quality of life

    in Metropolitan Chicago. Plan to move

    freight from coast to coast through

    rural America , with no on- grade

    crossings , using easements along the

    more lightly used truck routes . Do

    it right. Decisions made now will be with us

    for centuries.

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