2009 Briefing Book Outlines Illinois Environmental Policy

On March 3, CNT staff took part in a press conference in Springfield, IL to help outline the policy agenda for the new briefing book released by the Illinois Environmental Council. Priorities for a Healthful Illinois: 2009 Illinois Environmental Briefing Book offers specific policies and legislative action for these top environmental priorities: global warming and energy, open space and natural areas, transportation, environmental health and clean water.

The issues were selected by IEC member organizations based on their impact on the health of Illinois citizens and the state’s natural heritage and the ability of Illinois decision-makers to have an immediate effect on them. CNT offered its expertise in the areas of green infrastructure, energy efficiency, climate change and car sharing.

On March 3, CNT Senior Policy Associate Hal Sprague took part in a press conference to discuss stormwater management and the importance of utilizing green infrastructure techniques to manage rain drops where they fall, instead of building ever larger and more expensive pipe and reservoir systems to handle storm water after it leaves the land. Download and read his full testimony. (.pdf)

In conjunction with its mention in the Illinois Environmental Council’s Annual Briefing Book, CNT has submitted a proposed bill to the General Assembly, the “Green Infrastructure for Clean Water Act”.