New Column by Neal Peirce Covers HUD/DOT Partnership

Syndicated columnist, Neal Peirce, recently covered the groundbreaking collaboration between the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Department of Transportation (DOT).

This important partnership will lead to coordinated efforts in housing and transportation policies and investment. As Pierce puts it, “For federal departments, historically known for working in their own “silos,” largely oblivious to one another, it’s nearly a revolutionary step.” Better connecting working class people to their jobs has been lacking in existing policy and the agencies will now work to link where people live with how they travel around.

CNT’s work to define housing affordability to include transportation costs is increasingly evident by this partnership with the launch of the “Sustainable Communities Initiative”, which Peirce explains is, “…a joint fund to encourage, through a competitive process, metro regions to develop integrated housing, land use and transportation plans, focused also on energy savings and greenhouse-gas reduction.”

Peirce then cites CNT’s excitement at the prospect of these two agencies taking on a more integrated planning approach. “In Chicago, there’s rejoicing in the offices of a scrappy 30-year-old research and advocacy group, the Center for Neighborhood Technology — a pioneer in demonstrating how residents’ combined housing and transportation costs can be reduced in transit-served neighborhoods”, as he puts it.

Read more about this partnership in Neal Peirce’s column or CNT’s blog about the recent subcommittee hearing, “Livable Communities, Transit Oriented Development, and Incorporating Green Building Practices into Federal Housing and Transportation Policy”. Neal Peirce’s article, thus far, has appeared in The Seattle Times, The Denver Post, and the National League of Cities’ Nation Cities Weekly.