Illinois Capital Bill Legislation Includes Cleaner, Greener Jobs and Opportunities

Today at noon, CNT’s Vice President of Policy, Jacky Grimshaw, will be at the Governor’s capital bill signing to outline how the bill provides a major opportunity to create good jobs and make our communities cleaner, greener, healthier and better positioned to profit in the energy economy of the future. Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn, will sign the long-delayed legislation, creating a huge public works program – at $29 billion – to help the Illinois economy.

Jacky’s remarks will outline the recommendations that CNT and a coalition of environmental groups that had met with Governor Quinn’s staff on several occasions, for incorporating energy and environmental investments into the state’s capital budget. The coalition advocated for five key areas where public investment would help us in achieving a sustainable future: clean energy, clean water, toxic waste cleanup, open space, and transportation.

The bill addresses a significant hole in capital investment, but is only a small drop in the bucket. As Grimshaw states, “Our coalition view the funding provided in this bill as a first step. It is not what the Governor initially called for in his Budget message. Nor does it fulfill the goals of the legislative environmental caucus. It does begin to address the significant hole left in capital investment since the expiration of Illinois First and for that the residents of Illinois can be hopeful.”

Read Jacky’s remarks, including an outline of “Green Capital Projects” for Fiscal Year 2010.