Green Values Stormwater Toolbox Adds a National Calculator


CNT recently added another tool to our stock of stormwater management solutions.  The National Green Values™ Calculator (GVC) is a tool for quickly comparing the performance, costs, and benefits of Green Infrastructure (GI) to conventional stormwater practices. The GVC is designed to take you step-by-step through a process of determining the average precipitation at your site, choosing a stormwater runoff volume reduction goal, defining the impervious areas of your site under a conventional development scheme, and then choosing from a range of Green Infrastructure Best Management Practices (BMPs) to find the combination that meets the necessary runoff volume reduction goal in a cost-effective way.

The Calculator also estimates annual and life cycle benefits of reduced air pollutants, carbon dioxide sequestration, compensatory value of trees, groundwater replenishment, reduced energy use, and reduced water treatment benefits.

To get started, select a tab at the top to enter site information. Default values (that you can always change as the user) are provided throughout the calculator, so you can begin on any step.  The Calculator provides output in a printable format, you can save the data output and share by creating a permanent link.

Try out the new National Green Values Calculator