Does the Future of Rail Start in Illinois?

CSX’s Barr Rail Yard in Riverdale, ILA renewed consideration of the potentials of rail in the U.S., coupled with the Chicago metropolitan region’s position as an area of the nation most affected by rail emissions make an Illinois company poised to help the region once again become a center of rail manufacturing and innovation. The National Railway Equipment Company (NREC) is a 25-year old company with five locations in Illinois that manufactures the world’s leading low emissions/high fuel efficiency locomotive.

On August 5th, CNT, along with Respiratory Health Agency, Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation, and National Railway Equipment Company (NREC) co-sponsored The “Future of Rail” tour which illustrated Illinois’ capacity to meet our nation’s rail, environmental and manufacturing needs. The tour spotlighted NREC’s exciting N-ViroMotive Genset Locomotive, an Ultra Low Emitting Locomotive, whose state-of-the-art technology allows for massive reductions in particulate emissions and noise, fuel consumption, and carbon dioxide emissions compared to conventional locomotives.

Look at photos from the “Future of Rail” tour on CNT’s Flickr page. Read about sites visited and learn more about the N-ViroMotive under each photo. (Photos are courtesy of James Street Associates).