A New Data Center to Strategically Position the Region for Federal Funding

In September, CNT conducted the first of three workshops kicking off the Municipal Energy Profile Program (MEPP) for the 7-county Chicago region. There a forum was created for technical questions and best practices on how different communities are planning to spend their Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program federal money, and received input on how CNT can best help municipalities. The workshop helped set the stage for developing a regional partnership to address energy efficiency and participate in the competitive round of federal funding.

With funding from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, CNT is working with municipalities around the region to assess and analyze their resident’s energy and emissions usage. Each profile includes aggregates of annual natural gas consumption and electricity consumption from account-level data; aggregate annual electricity consumption from account-level data; annual greenhouse gas emissions inventory; and annual transportation by vehicle miles traveled, provided by the natural gas and electricity utilities serving Northern Illinois—ComEd, Nicor, Peoples and North Shore Gas.

The information and tools that CNT will provide can help position these municipalities to better leverage federal funding through the ARRA’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program to help them design programs to begin to address energy consumption and create programs that promote efficiency.

Energy profiles for all other 283 municipalities in the region will be completed. CNT will use this region-wide information to create a data center for energy efficiency planning for northern Illinois, and continue to provide assistance and develop regional partnerships. For additional information on how you can work with CNT, contact Lindy Wordlaw at Lindy@cntenergy.org.