Illinois LEED Study Released by USGBC- Chicago Chapter

Today the U.S. Green Building Council – Chicago Chapter released a year-one report of the post-occupancy performance of LEED buildings in Illinois. CNT is one of five project partners and performed the project’s data collection and analysis.

The report analyzes how 25 LEED commercial building projects in Illinois perform post-occupancy over multiple years in areas including energy and water use, greenhouse gas emissions, operating costs, commute transportation and occupant comfort. The research is funded for a second year, which will kick off later this fall, and will include up to 50 new and returning projects.

The report includes nine case studies and a sample feedback report to building owners. It also discusses why both individual and program level-building performance evaluation must be tracked regularly. Understanding how a building ‘actually’ performs, rather than relying on modeled data only, is the essential first step toward improvement. Several case studies describe how their buildings’ uses have changed over time and how the changes impact their performance. “Measure and Improve!” was the steering committee‘s mantra to participants throughout the project.

This regional report is timely since it is being released as the national USGBC responds to calls for performance-based evaluations of the market dominant LEED rating system. In August, USGBC launched its Building Performance Initiative, which will create a system for collecting, analyzing and reporting on the performance of LEED buildings.

CNT and CNT Energy are working on several additional building performance initiatives. We’re developing a predictive transportation energy intensity (TEI) index with a USGBC research grant, and providing one-stop shop residential energy retrofit services for Illinois homes and apartments. We track the performance of our own LEED Platinum and Energy Star Labeled office building through our Green Intelligence Tool.

To learn more about the USGBC-Chicago Chapter Year 1 Study:
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