Wishing You the Best in 2010!

20102009 was a remarkable year for CNT!  We’ve capitalized on the many unique opportunities to research, invent, and test strategies that use urban resources more efficiently and more equitably. We’ve lent our expertise to the federal administration on creating the cross-cutting interagency, “Partnership for Livable Communities”, and participated in groundbreaking federal initiatives like the announcement of a national high speed rail master plan. Our local policy efforts have ‘trickled up’ to the national level, with the “Green Infrastructure for Clean Water Act of 2009” following the passage of the Illinois counterpart. We’ve continued our work at the ‘ground level’, replacing about 2,300 square feet of pavement with native plants and permeable surfaces, and conducting energy audits for 8,250 units in 260 multifamily buildings.

In 2010 we hope to scale up our strategies at expanding transportation options, reducing stormwater runoff and creating higher performing, energy-efficient, buildings.  We wish you the best as well and hope you will continue to support our work.  Whether you read our blog, subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, peruse our photos or simply believe in our work – thank you.  Your support fuels us! (photo by doug88888)

Have a fantastic New Year!