Great Lakes Region to Take on Integrated Water Planning

epa-smAs communities continue to grapple with perennial budget shortfalls, mounting water infrastructure needs, and overwhelming stormwater pollution problems, we need to ensure we are making the best water infrastructure investment decisions (economically, socially and environmentally) to utilize public funds most efficiently.

Traditional water planning has not recognized the interconnected nature of water supply, wastewater and stormwater management. More comprehensive planning methodologies, sometimes called “Integrated Resource Planning” (IRP), recognize these relationships from a least-cost, publicly transparent, and scenario-based perspective.

With this focus, CNT has launched the “Great Lakes Sustainable Water Planning Project”. Tapping an advisory group of regional experts, CNT will explore how IRP can improve the economic efficiency of water utilities, thus conserving water resources and bolstering community prosperity and vitality within the Great Lakes region.

With funding by The Joyce Foundation, the Great Lakes Sustainable Water Planning Project will build the economic case for the improved decision-making and planning that IRP can bring to the water sector. With particular attention to current opportunities and barriers for these practices regionally, the project will seek to improve sustainable water planning practices within the Great Lakes region.

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