Transportation Cost & Carbon Impact Tool Goes Beta

abogo-screenshotCNT has developed a new tool for individuals to find what a typical household spends on transportation in their neighborhood. “Abogo” is a more consumer-oriented extension of the Housing + Transportation Affordability Index, which offers the true cost of housing based on its location, by measuring the transportation costs associated with place.

Abogo measures the money a typical household, living in a given neighborhood, would spend getting around– including car ownership, car use, and transit use. It also provides the carbon emissions associated with using a car. CNT developed Abogo so that individuals can now measure the true cost and impact of where they live in 337 metropolitan areas in the U.S., in the same way that planners and municipalities have been using the H + T Index to better understand the combined costs of housing and transportation at the regional level, for example.

CNT partnered with the Urban Land Institute and Center for Housing Policy in 2009 to develop the Terwilliger Housing + Transportation Calculators for Washington, D.C., Boston and San Francisco, where consumers can access up-to-date cost data to make informed housing decisions.

Over the next few months, CNT will be refining these tools to help individuals factor in transportation costs when considering how much it costs to live in a particular city. We’re working to calculate better estimates based on the way someone lives now—and to provide information that helps individuals and households make small changes in the way they get around—while saving money and helping to reduce climate impact at the same time.


As we further refine the calculator, we’re looking for impressions and ideas how to make it most useful. Feel free to send comments to We have also developed an API, so if you’re interested in getting transportation cost information on your website, see here.