PCAP Responds to Stalls in Climate Change Legislation with a “Plan B”

PCAP-8.10-coverwborderNow that Congress has failed to pass strong climate legislation this year, the Obama Administration has the opportunity to demonstrate its leadership and re-tool its role in supporting state and local governments in creating better solutions to address climate change.

To respond to this missed opportunity at enacting a comprehensive climate policy, the Presidential Climate Action Project (PCAP) has drafted a fresh list of recommendations that President Obama can implement in the near term. As PCAP Executive Director William Becker, put it, “Congress has passed the ball back to President Obama. He should run with it.”

The 5-point plan will help strengthen the federal government’s partnership with state and local governments, and can demonstrate the U.S. leadership on climate change when the international community meets this November in Cancun to continue work to enact a global climate treaty.

The five recommendations are:

  1. Work with states, tribal governments, and local governments to create a national roadmap to the clean energy economy
  2. Declare a war on energy waste
  3. Begin reinventing national transportation policy
  4. Eliminate fossil energy subsidies under the Administration’s control
  5. Establish ecosystem restoration as a climate action strategy

CNT’s research and expertise in transportation, land use, and climate change formed the basis for much of the 2008 plan’s transportation agenda and are implicit in the newest set of recommendations. The H+T Affordability Index, for example, is cited as a tool that can help reinvent national transportation policy by giving consumers, developers and public officials needed information when making housing and planning decisions.

The Presidential Climate Action Project submitted “Plan B: Near-Term Presidential Actions for Energy & Environmental Leadership” to the Obama Administration on August 5. CNT President, Scott Bernstein, serves on PCAP’s National Advisory Committee and continues to work with the group to help create public policy that addresses climate change and energy issues.

Read more about CNT and the Presidential Climate Action Project here.

Download “Plan B: Near-Term Presidential Actions for Energy & Environmental Leadership” (PDF)

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