CNT’s Transportation Cost Data Now Seen on Walk Score

The popular website that gives you a score based on the walkability of your neighborhood will now include CNT’s ground-breaking transportation cost information to its suite of consumer-oriented tools.

Walk Score, which allows users to obtain a “walkability” rating for a specific location based on the number of nearby amenities, is using data from CNT’s Housing + Transportation Affordability Index to provide a better sense of the transportation costs and environmental impact for a neighborhood. Adding the H+T Index to Walkscore will further illustrate how choosing to live in walkable, transit-connected neighborhood can lower household expenses and one’s impact on the environment.

CNT is making our transportation cost data available through an application programming interface (API), which allows partner sites, such as Walk Score, to integrate average transportation costs and carbon impact with their own content.

We’re very excited that such a well-regarded and popular site like Walk Score is our first API partner. “People need a complete picture of affordability when making important decisions about where to live, and CNT is excited to work with other groups to disseminate this information as far and wide as possible,“ said Linda Young, CNT’s Research Director.

The API provides a link to CNT’s new consumer-oriented website Abogo, which allows users to type in an address and find the average transportation costs for a typical household living at that location. Transportation costs include car ownership, gas and transit expenses.

Try it out at–after you type in your address, click on the “Commute” tab to get a report of your transportation options to and from work. Underneath the Commute report, you can see your estimated housing and transportation costs, each powered by Zillow and CNT, respectively, which you can also personalize with your own numbers. Walk Score’s new home and transportation costs calculator makes it easier for people to understand the true costs of owning or renting in a particular location. Click here to see an example and find your own.

Read the full press release here.

One Response to “CNT’s Transportation Cost Data Now Seen on Walk Score”

  1. Chris Bradshaw Says:

    Hat’s off to you for this important data and the walkscore link. We finally have a site the underlines the point that money saved on housings is often more than eaten up by higher transportation costs.

    I assume your transportation costs take into account the availability of carsharing, which can save more than reducing vehicle miles traveled, but also the number of cars in the household fleet.

    Unfortunately, we have not yet gotten municipalities to base their property-tax rates on _both_ the value of one’s abode as well as the value of one’s wheels, as is/was the case for a couple Washington DC-area towns.

    Or better, start an on-line index to indicate what it costs the municipality to service the occupants at each address. It would be useful seeing that the properties with the lowest taxes are often the ones that require the most municipal services.