CNT Wins Award for Innovative Data

CNT’s dedication to producing ground-breaking data has earned us a ‘Data Innovation Award’ by the Metro Chicago Information Center for the ‘outstanding achievements CNT has committed to making data accessible, understandable and actionable in the Chicago region.’

We believe that people who have good information in a comprehensible format make good decisions. From our early work in the 80’s—creating the Neighborhood Early Warning System (NEWS) to make housing data on Cook County properties widely accessible to the H+T Affordability Index (a “datafest even by wonk standards”, as reported by The Washington Post)—CNT has been committed to compiling high-quality data, synthesizing and displaying in smart and meaningful ways for a variety of users.

Our newest tool, Abogo, powered by the H + T Index, lets consumers dig down into the nitty-gritty of housing and transportation costs while displaying the information in an easy-to-understand method. Today’s New York Times explains the necessity of the tool, “When you’re shopping around for a new place to live — whether you’re buying or renting — it’s easy to overlook how much it will cost to get around in your new neighborhood.” These are the sort of gaps in information that CNT has been striving to fill.

Abogo is just one of many of CNT’s tools that illuminate issues in urban sustainability. With E-Transpoly, you’re in charge of transit funding and priorities. Build new stations, draw new bus lines, even add turn lanes to your street. Find Green Infrastructure projects near you on our Natural Connections site. See how open spaces, waterways, and natural areas that provide wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities and helps maintain the sustainability of the region.

CNT is honored to be recognized by an organization in our hometown—the Metro Chicago Information Center—where we beta-test many of our tools. Consider supporting our work to develop tools that individuals and organizations can use to improve their lives and contribute to a better environment.