Proposed Federal Legislation Could Move H+T Forward

CNT applauds the proposed Transportation Housing Affordability Transparency (THAT) Act, introduced recently into the House of Representatives by Representative Earl Blumenauer of Oregon (HR 5824).

CNT supports the THAT Act unequivocally! We hope HUD will take advantage of several years of CNT research that culminated in the creation of the H+T(R) Affordability Index. CNT’s H+T Index would serve as an excellent base for the index that the legislation calls for, with the added benefit of funding for expansions, refinements, updates, dissemination, and technical assistance for implementation.

The Act would provide resources for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to:

  1. Develop and pilot a sophisticated transportation affordability index that measures the transportation costs associated with the location of a home
  2. Disclose transportation costs to the general public using the Multiple Listing Services and to recipients of HUD aid via housing counseling service providers
  3. Examine how best to take transportation costs into account in housing programs
  4. Provide information and implementation support to States governments, regions and municipalities that wish to incorporate transportation costs into plans and programs

Regardless of how HUD chooses to develop its index, CNT will applaud the agency for working to increase cost transparency for consumers and policymakers. When people have better information to make more informed choices, it puts extra dollars in their pockets – money that can spent in their communities instead of on foreign oil.

Please join us in supporting HR 5824! It is vitally important that you reach out to your Congressional Representative with a phone call or letter asking them to support this excellent bill. More information on HR 5824 >>