We’re at Greenbuild this Week!

Chicago is buzzing a little more this week as Greenbuild prepares to open tomorrow.  CNT will be launching a new tool and our research will be included in some of the educational sessions.  CNT Energy’s Anne Evens even offered some advice on where to go to while in Chicago, including tips for exploring the Wicker Park Neighborhood where our office is located. Here’s a rundown on where can find us at Greenbuild this week and, even if you’re not attending, how you can learn more about our work! 

Launching New Tools >>
Educational Session GR08: “The Transportation Energy Index: Why Location Matters and How to Measure Its Effect” – Thursday, November 19, 2:00 – 3:30 PM
While much activity has been focused on measuring the energy used in buildings, it is only recently that more attention has been devoted to understanding the energy expended to travel to buildings. One of the barriers to a greater understanding has been a uniform metric. The Transportation Energy Index (TEI), developed by CNT through a research project sponsored by USGBC, estimates the predicted transportation energy required to travel to a building based on its location. CNT staff Linda Young, Peter Haas, Ph.D.and Gajus Miknaitis, Ph.D. will be presenting the TEI. More information >>

Displaying Our Work >>
Poster Session, Thursday, November 19, 10:30 – 11:30 AM
If you miss our presentation of the Transportation Energy Index (TEI), stop by the poster session and speak with our staff.

Participating in Ongoing Research >>
Session YL03: “Delivering on the Promise of Green Building: Research that Investigates the Performance and Value of Building Green” – Thursday, November18, 8:30 AM -10:00.
This session will feature presentations of three research projects, each of which was spearheaded by a USGBC chapter and focuses on a different aspect of green building. Doug Widener, Executive Director of USGBC-IL, is one of three panelist and he will talk about Year 1 of the Regional Green Building Case Study project. CNT is part of the steering committee for this research project and did all the data collection and analysis for year 1. This is an ongoing project and Y2 results will be published in Spring 2011. More information >>

Session SS02 – “USGBC’s Building Performance Partnership”, 12:00 PM – 1:30
You can also find at Special Session regarding the USGBC’s Building Performance Partnership. CNT will be giving a testimonial on the value of monitoring building performance. More information >>

Touring our LEED Building >>
Half Day Tour: “LEED Platinum: Rewind and Review” – Friday, November 19, 1:00 – 5:00 PM
Featuring several of Chicago’s iconic Platinum certified buildings that were included in the Greenbuild 2007 tours program, this tour provides a chance to see how well these buildings have performed in the past three years of LEED certification. This tour takes an in-depth look at recent innovations as well as time-tested systems and application. The discussions will provide lessons learned by their owners, designers and engineers, as well as post-occupancy data to see just how green they have maintained their LEED certification. CNT is the first stop of the tour which also includes CCGT and Christy Webber’s Rancho Verde building next to CCGT. Note: This event is SOLD OUT but there may be a waiting list.  More information >>

Read About Us >>
CNT Energy programs are featured in a GreenSource article written by Kathleen Logan. This edition of the magazine is focused on Chicago in preparation of the Greenbuild Expo. Read the GreenSource article to get a glimpse of our philosophies and efforts to grow the number energy efficient buildings in the region.

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  1. Lea Smith Says:

    Is your Transportation Energy Index available for students to use? I teach 8th graders about energy creation/use and the effect on the environment. Tools such as this help them see the direct impact of their actions upon the world around them. I would love for them to play with different models: their parents’ commutes, their own commutes to school, how green are the area businesses, etc. Please let me know if we can access the tool in an educational environment.