CNT Presents “One of the Coolest New Real Estate Apps” at Inman Real Estate Connect Conference

NEW YORK (January 13, 2011)—The Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) presented its innovative web service, Abogo, earlier today at the Inman Real Estate Connect conference session on “the coolest new real estate apps” for 2011.

Abogo (, a combination of the words “abode” and “go,” is a web tool based on the idea that housing location and transportation costs are interrelated. Abogo helps people consider both together by allowing users to type in an address and calculate the transportation costs for a typical family. Transportation costs include car ownership, gas and transit expenses.

“Housing and transportation are a household’s two biggest costs, but people don’t think about the transportation implications of the home they choose,” said CNT Social Ventures Associate Adam Mays. “Abogo helps people make a better decision about where to live by revealing the cost of transportation at a given location. Our new Abogo app allows people to learn the transportation costs of a house as they’re walking through it.”

Abogo uses data and calculations from CNT‘s Housing + Transportation (H+T®) Affordability Index (, the nation’s most comprehensive assessment of household transportation costs by location. The H+T Index presents housing and transportation cost data as maps, charts and statistics for neighborhoods in 337 metro areas, enabling users to compare the relative costs of communities within a region. Importantly, the H+T Index quantifies how choosing to live in walkable, transit-connected neighborhood can lower household expenses and one’s impact on the environment.


CONTACT:Emily Robinson, Center for Neighborhood Technology,, 773-269-4043