President Obama’s Transportation Proposal Deserves Our Support

On Monday, President Obama proposed a budget to guide the nation’s public investments over the coming six years. CNT welcomes and supports the president’s transportation investment proposal. By investing in America’s infrastructure, the president’s proposed budget will bring home the benefits of sustainable transportation and build our local economies.

CNT’s analysis of the president’s proposed transportation budget finds that it does indeed combine common sense reforms with the transformative investments necessary to keep America globally competitive and economically secure.

The President’s announcement coincided with the release of a new poll from the Rockefeller Foundation examining American sentiment toward transportation infrastructure investment. The data show that Americans recognize a vibrant transportation system as essential to household, community and national economic security. But the polling also indicates that investment must come with meaningful reform of how the decisions are made.

“The lessons in the polling are simple: reform breeds trust, people believe in good investment, and they are willing to back up that belief with their tax dollars,” said CNT President Scott Bernstein. “President Obama’s proposal keeps faith with the findings of the Rockefeller poll—providing both effective investment and meaningful reform.”

Ninety percent of people polled agree with the idea stated in the State of the Union address and the budget narrative that we should “provide funding for transportation projects based on what is best for the economy, not based on politics.” Ninety-one percent also believe that “our generation has a responsibility to the future to invest in America’s infrastructure—just as our parents and grandparents did.”

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