15 U.S. Metro Regions Leading in Transportation Innovation

A new study released today by CNT and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) reveals how small, medium and large metro regions across the country have become leaders in providing affordable and accessible transportation options for their residents.

Fifteen U.S. cities are profiled for their leadership in innovative transportation policies and practices, based on metrics drawn from the U.S. Census and CNT’s H+T® Affordability Index, which quantifies transportation costs by location.

The 15 cities – including Boston, Lincoln, Nebraska, and Honolulu – are not only making their cities more sustainable and efficient, but are also providing more ways for residents to keep their transportation costs low by providing more transportation options.

“By and large, the more transportation options a city provides its residents the less they spend on getting around,” said Scott Bernstein, President of CNT. “Cities that foster compact, walkable, transit-rich communities can help lower at least one expense for households struggling to get by in the current economy.”

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