Chicago Ranked #4 in Energy Efficient Buildings

EnergyStar2Chicago is once again near the top of the list of U.S. cities with the most Energy Star® certified buildings, taking 4th place with 232 Energy Star buildings. The number of Energy Star buildings in Chicago increased by 73 percent, from 134 to 232, between 2009 and 2010 and Chicago’s ranking has improved each year since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began publishing this list, up from 5th place in 2009 and 6th place in 2008.

“It is encouraging that the number of energy efficient buildings in Chicago continues to increase and we expect this trend continues and hope that Chicago is soon at the top of the list” says Anne Evens, Executive Director of CNT Energy.

Ms. Evens also noted that Chicago places 2nd if you compare cities by the amount of floor space in Energy Star buildings and 1st place if you compare by the emissions prevented. The USEPA estimates that Energy Star certified buildings across the country have prevented greenhouse gas emissions equal to the emissions from the energy use of nearly 1.3 million homes a year, protecting people’s health, while saving more than $1.9 billion.

To earn an Energy Star certification a commercial building must perform in the top 25 percent of similar buildings nationwide and their performance must be independently verified by a licensed professional engineer or registered architect.  More than 6,200 commercial buildings earned the Energy Star in 2010, and more than 12,600 buildings earned the distinction since the first award was given in 1999.

You should not be surprised to learn that CNT is one of Chicago’s ENERGY STAR certified buildings.  In November, CNT earned a rating of 92-meaning the building performs better than 92% of similar facilities nationwide-which is the highest rating we have earned in the three consecutive years that we have participated in this voluntary program.

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