We’re Growing!

CNT has purchased a building at 1741 N. Western Ave. to accommodate growth in the organization and our two affiliates, CNT Energy and I-GO Car Sharing. The expansion reflects the increased demand for CNT’s solutions that simultaneously promote economic growth and environmental sustainability. Staff will move into the building this summer.

“We like to practice what we preach, and this is a nice example of what CNT is all about: uncover a community’s hidden assets and put them to new uses in ways that help the economy and the planet,” said Kathy Tholin, CNT’s Chief Executive Officer. “We needed a building, and this building needed us. It was slated to be demolished to make room for new condos before the housing bubble burst. Now it will be home to CNT’s committed staff, and we will soon draft plans to make the building a model of today’s energy efficiency technology, much like we did with our first building in the early 2000s.”