The most important Energy Efficiency Measure you’ve never heard of

For a limited time, Chicago homeowners can receive up to $1,000 for participating in a Peoples Gas air-sealing program. Properly air sealing a building can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs, improve building durability, create a healthier indoor environment and increase the occupants’ comfort level.

The program includes a pre-work inspection and radon test by auditors from CNT Energy, who refer owners to a qualified contractor. The auditors return after the work is completed to ensure airflow reduction targets are met and homeowners are seeing results.

Participants are assessed a $125 fee at the outset, which is refunded after completion of the air sealing. People Gas offers an 85% rebate of the cost of the air sealing itself (up to $1,000). If the home also needs insulation added, People Gas will provide a 75% rebate for the cost of the insulation.

“Where’s the catch?” There isn’t one. Air sealing is a new service for consumers, and Peoples Gas wanted to test it out in a small pilot program.

“Who pays for the rebates?” Every Peoples Gas residential customer is charged a few cents each month for the utility’s “Enhanced Efficiency Program,” which includes the air-sealing pilot. Since homeowners are already partially funding the program, it makes sense for them to take advantage of it.

The pilot is accepting applications for a limited number of participants. To learn more and apply for the air sealing program, go to Contact CNT Energy’s Nicole del Sasso (877-908-9693) or Marjorie Isaacson (773-269-4059) with questions.