Kane County Approves Energy Plan

Kane-CountyOn June 14 the Kane County Board approved an energy plan that recommends a set of actions that could save the county between $1 billion and $3.4 billion in avoided energy costs over the next 30 years. The Kane County 2040 Energy Plan, produced by Chicago-based nonprofit CNT Energy, provides data and analysis on current energy use in the county and then projects various energy use scenarios between today and 2040. The plan is an expanded update that CNT Energy produced for the county in 2005.
Under a “business as usual” energy use scenario, the plan assumes Kane County would take no energy savings measures. The plan then projects three scenarios for reducing energy consumption that assume low, moderate and high levels of energy saving action that could save the county and its residents $1 billion, $2 billion, and $3.4 billion in energy savings.

In addition to analyzing current and future energy use, the plan provides information and resources Kane County and regional partners will need to effectively reduce energy consumption.

“Following through on this plan can further Kane County’s role as a leader in energy efficiency and sustainability throughout the region,” said Lindy Wordlaw, a senior planner at CNT Energy and a primary author of the current and 2005 energy plan for the county.

Download the plan as a PDF here