CNT to Build Rain Garden Educational Facility

CNT recently expanded its operations from its LEED Platinum building on North Avenue and has purchased a new building at 1741 N Western. The new facility includes an adjacent lot which is currently paved with asphalt. CNT, assisted by Alexia Paul, LEED AP and registered landscape architect, has prepared a plan for transitioning the empty lot into a showcase sustainable garden space, event and educational facility. The garden project is the first initiative of this building’s retrofitting.

CNT will revitalize the space by using reclaimed materials and adding native plants. The design will reduce the impervious, hot asphalt heat island through cut-outs in the lot that will contain stormwater infiltration areas. The scrap asphalt will then be used to build decorative garden edge walls defining our rain garden structure and reducing stormwater runoff while containing the soil.

Once the garden is built, it will be used as a space where the public can visit and learn about sustainability. See the image below to learn more about our plan.

Garden Plan

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