New Study: DC Region’s Transportation Costs Have Major Impact on Household Budgets

H+TDCCover.jpgThe District of Columbia’s Office of Planning and CNT have released a new study that customizes CNT’s H+T Index with localized data to examine how neighborhood characteristics across the region affect household transportation costs. The CNT study found that average household transportation costs in the DC region ranged from $8,500 to as much as $25,000 per year for a typical household. Actual costs can be even lower when the neighborhood enables the residents to live without owning a car.

For the DC study, the city’s Office of Planning worked with CNT to update regional data to reflect changes in housing costs and gas prices and improve the regional transit data and land use information. CNT also created a predictive tool for the planning agency to see how land use changes, such as building a mixed-use development or adding a transit stop, would affect average transportation costs for residents in that area. The DC Office of Planning will make the tool public later this year.

CNT will relaunch its H+T Index later this year using the most recent American Community Survey data from the Census Bureau.

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