Interactive Tools and Financing Launched to Simplify Energy Efficient Upgrades for Homeowners

EIIEnergy Impact Illinois—a partnership of government, utilities, and nonprofits to help residents, businesses, and non-profits reduce energy use—has launched a personalized energy calculator and financial resources for Chicago area homeowners to help them make energy efficient improvements to their homes. The tools will educate homeowners on their current energy usage, provide information on how to make smart energy efficiency investments and connect them with financial resources to make those investments a reality.

The energy calculator, known as “MyHomeEQ” and developed by CNT Energy, is a unique customized web tool that gives users real, up-to-date information on their home energy usage. The tool is a simple process that tells a user how they use energy, what can be done to lower utility bills while improving energy efficiency, and how to connect with the right resources and contractors needed to implement those actions.

MyHomeEQ integrates actual data from county assessors’ offices and utility bills while incorporating a home’s characteristics submitted by the user to develop an individual energy performance score. Users can then compare that score to similar homes in their area and explore steps that can improve their score, such as sealing air leaks or replacing outdated appliances with new energy efficient models.

“Everyone knows that they will save money and energy if they retrofit their home or business, it is just hard to figure out how to make it happen,” said Randy Blankenhorn, executive director of the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP), the lead agency behind Energy Impact Illinois. “Energy Impact Illinois simplifies the process with these new resources, which will help people get informed on their energy usage habits and learn ways to make smart energy efficient investments that fit within their budget.”

“With winter approaching, people are more conscious of their energy costs,” said Blankenhorn. “Our tools and resources will help customers understand how they use energy and how they can navigate the retrofit process, reduce expenses and make their home more comfortable.”

In addition to MyHomeEQ, also features the Energy Impact Illinois Residential Loan Program, which includes financial resources from local credit unions and banks that can help homeowners make energy efficiency upgrades to their properties in affordable ways. Homeowners can take advantage of unsecured loan products at competitive rates to help finance energy efficiency improvement projects, with links to qualified contractors to do the work.

To learn more and to take advantage of MyHomeEQ and the Energy Impact Illinois Residential Loan program, and other potential energy efficiency resources, visit