Volunteers Needed to Help Increase Awareness of Energy Efficiency

Join CNT Energy in helping spread the word about Energy Impact Illinois (EI2) in your neighborhood and make every home more energy efficient. We are looking for volunteers to help host neighborhood events, connect EI2 with local organizations, and help EI2 have a face at events in your community. Become a part of the team, and start making your impact today.

Energy Impact Illinois is a federally funded program that will assist homeowners in making significant energy efficiency improvements to their homes, putting money back in their pockets and reducing their environmental impact. Through EI2, homeowners can take advantage of rebates and low interests loans to improve the value of their homes.  Some homes could be eligible for the Illinois Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® certificate, which can be included in real estate listings should owners their homes in the future.

We are looking for Impact Team leaders who can commit three to five hours per week, and Impact Team members who can commit one to two hours per week, in helping to support energy efficiency. No experience in energy efficiency is required. We will provide free training in both the home improvements available to increase efficiency and the rebates and programs available to assist homeowners.

For more information, or to sign up, contact Anna Markowski at CNT Energy: amarkowski@cntenergy.org or 773-328-7045.