ComEd and CNT Energy to Help Non-Profits Pay Their Energy Bills

electric_bill-001-smComEd has partnered with CNT Energy to launch the Non-Profit Special Hardship Program (Hardship Program).  ComEd will provide a one-time grant of up to two thousand dollars to 501(c)(3) organizations that are experiencing financial hardship due to property damage, vandalism, unexpected loss of funding, or general financial difficulties.

As program facilitators, CNT Energy will review all applications to verify the financial need of grant candidates as demonstrated by official documents such as police reports, insurance claims, financial records, or documents verifying loss of funding.  Once selected for assistance, applicants will participate in a CNT-sponsored energy management workshop or webinar to learn strategies for conserving energy and reducing energy-related spending.

Applications will be accepted through December 31, 2012, or until funds are depleted.

The funding for the program is made possible by a provision in Illinois House Bill 3036 (HB 3036), which was passed in December 2011 as a “trailer bill” to the historic Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act.  Under the HB 3036, ComEd is required to allocate $10 million over the course of five years to programs, such as non-profit organizations, that are in special need of help with energy bills due to possibility of “imminent disconnection.”  This year, $1 million will be allocated under the Hardship Program to non-profit organizations that provide basic needs to diverse communities, such as children and adults with developmental disabilities, senior citizens, and homeless individuals.