Energy Savers Program Wins “Vision Award” from Urban Land Institute

energy-savers-logo-stackedCNT Energy’s Energy Savers program, a partnership with Community Investment Corporation, recently won a 2012 Vision Award (in the Program category) from the Urban Land Institute. The ULI award “honors projects and programs that use creative development practices, inventive partnerships or sharing of resources, imaginative problem solving, or visionary ideas contributing to the growth of vibrant communities.”

The Energy Savers program helps building owners reduce costs by improving energy efficiency, helping to find the best energy-saving investments for building owners. Every step of the way, CNT Energy’s Energy Savers assists by finding cost-effective energy saving investments, obtaining low cost financing, overseeing construction, and following up to ensure savings.

The program has retrofitted over 8600 units—saving over 2 million gas therms and an average annual savings of $10,000 to building owners, also leading to the creating of 421 jobs.

CNT Energy’s Energy Savers is a keystone initiative of The Preservation Compact, a public/private commitment to reverse the loss of affordable rental housing supply in Cook County, because the program helps reduce operating costs for owners of affordable rental properties.

Through a grant from Energy Impact Illinois, funded through the US Department of Energy, CNT Energy Savers is proud to be working throughout the entire 7-county Chicago metropolitan region and the City of Rockford.