Equity Express Expands into Ohio

On July 23 and 25, Neighborhood Development Services, Inc. will be hosting an Equity Express “train-the-trainer” workshop for sixteen local community organizations in the Cleveland suburb of Ravenna, Ohio, sponsored by NeighborWorks America. While the workshop will follow the established pattern for Equity Express—participants analyze their own budgets to identify potential saving areas (specifically financial planning, energy, transportation, food, telecommunication, and recycling) while learning how to describe the saving process to their communities—the workbooks used and the topics discussed will be tailored for local budgets. CNT Social Ventures Associate, Adam Mays, and his team have compiled data on utility rates, communication expenditures, transit fares, and food costs within greater Cleveland.  This detailed information will allow Mays to focus his training on the specific needs of the conference attendees.

Chicago participants in Equity Express save an average of $125 dollars each month, and both NeighborWorks and CNT hope that, by training leaders of local community organizations, low-income residents of Ravenna will experience similar savings.