CNT Energy Teams with Nicor’s Economic Redevelopment Program to Bring Energy Efficiency to all Chicago Neighborhoods

Nicor Gas launched an Economic Redevelopment Program in June, 2011 as part of its strategy to help owners of commercial, industrial, and large multifamily apartment buildings increase the energy efficiency of their buildings, reduce overhead costs, and provide more affordable, sustainable living for their tenants. Energy efficiency projects can seem intimidating, promising documents filled with technical jargon and expensive futuristic gadgets. The financial incentives, extensive technical assistance and consistent project guidance provided by Nicor’s program remove these barriers to the redevelopment process, making it possible for even the least initiated to implement effective changes.

The program focuses its technical assistance on buildings that are located in or will have significant economic impact over economically challenged areas, such as Economic Zones and TIF districts, as well as all projects that spur growth in low-income areas by creating jobs, offering social services, rehabilitating brownfields or vacant buildings, or providing affordable housing.  Qualifying buildings should be at least 10,000 square feet and must still be in the early stages of designing and planning so that the program’s energy savings strategies can have impact. Through generous financial incentives, which provide up to $100,000 in energy rebates per project depending upon which upgrades are chosen and their projected energy savings, 29 building owners in underserved Chicago neighborhoods have already had the opportunity to upgrade their facilities.

Owner and managers of commercial, industrial, and multi-family buildings in Nicor Gas service territory, as well as contractors, engineers, architects, and consultants who work with these building types, are encouraged to contact the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Redevelopment Team to familiarize themselves with the program and to begin planning for their own redevelopment projects.

A full description of the program and the application process can be found at CNT Energy