Newest Presidential Climate Action Plan Addresses Climate Change and Energy Security

PCAP-cover-2012Hurricane Sandy’s massive impact on the east coast is a reminder that global warming is a defining issue of our generation and we need effective action. Addressing climate change and creating sustainable energy security are the biggest opportunities for new jobs and industries, a dynamic economy, lasting peace and a better quality of life for our children. Yet, the 2012 Presidential campaign has largely ignored these pressing issues. The 2012 Presidential Climate Action Plan lays out a set of strategies for the next president to use executive authority to help the country address global climate change even in the face of legislative inaction.

Between 2007 and 2011, CNT was part of the Presidential Climate Action Project (PCAP) that engaged hundreds of thought leaders to produce scores of recommendations on how the President of the United States could improve the nation’s climate and energy security. This new iteration of the project provides a roadmap of some of the executive branch actions that can be taken over the next four years. CNT’s ongoing work to enable sustainable communities directly aligns with PCAP’s agenda, including promoting energy efficiency, expanding mobility options, and empowering state and local leadership on climate action.   Read this year’s action plan here ››