Celebrating 35 Years of Building Sustainable Communities

35 Facts for CNT’s 35 Years: Each week we’ll expand on one fun fact. Enjoy!

#1 Scott Bernstein – Champion of Cities

SBthennow (2)Scott Bernstein started working in Chicago’s West Garfield Park neighborhood in the ‘70s and envisioned innovative strategies that could turn around this community. In 1978, he, along with Stan Hallett, co-founded the organization that would become CNT to stimulate creative solutions to neighborhood problems. CNT began with three projects: community greenhouses, opposition to the Deep Tunnel and the publication of The Neighborhood Works.

Scott has been a true champion of cities. His vision that “place matters” has made change happen, from the formation of the city of Chicago’s energy code, to piloting Location Efficient Mortgages, to putting forth an urban agenda that stresses housing and transportation affordability as the key to developing sustainable and livable cities. From his early days as an organizer on Chicago’s west side to testifying in front of Congressional committees, Scott has worked to improve the quality of life for all urban dwellers. For over 35 years, Scott has led the charge in demonstrating that cities and their people are assets in addressing economic and environmental challenges. Scott has been called a “Wizard” and was recognized as one of the 100 Urban Thinkers by Planetizen as a person who has made a difference in urban planning.

Read more about Scott’s leadership here.

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