Money Available to Help Small Apartment Building Owners Improve Efficiency

Small multifamily buildings – those with two, three, or four units – are common in the Chicago area. They represent 39 percent of Chicago metropolitan urban housing and 33 percent of Cook County housing, overall.

Improving the efficiency of these small multifamily buildings means less energy is required to maintain comfortable living spaces. Reducing energy consumption can help building owners and their tenants save money and contribute to a healthier environment.

Despite the prevalence of this building type, energy efficiency programs geared for small multifamily buildings have historically been lacking. In addition, building owners often don’t have the opportunity to identify the best ways to improve their buildings, and often lack the capital or access to financing to invest in money-saving improvements.

CNT Energy’s new Small Multifamily Energy Savers program gives owners the assistance they need to recognize, implement, and finance energy efficiency improvements for their building. As part of the Small Multifamily Energy Savers program, experts from CNT Energy and a qualified contractor will conduct a detailed, comprehensive building assessment to improve the energy and water efficiency and health and safety of the building.

The Energy Savers team will identify the most cost-effective improvements that give the best return on investment and assist building owners throughout the entire construction process, from soliciting contractor bids to inspecting the work that is done. We also connect building owners to low-cost financing, rebates, and incentives to help pay for the recommended improvements. For example, now through August 2013, home owners can save 70% up to $1750 off the one of the most cost-effective energy efficiency improvements: air sealing and insulating the home.

It’s an easy process for small multifamily building owners:

  1. Apply online.
  2. Schedule the assessment. The Energy Savers team will contact you to set up a free walk-through.
  3. Review the results and work proposal. We’ll help you decide the best improvements for your building.
  4. Schedule, install, and inspect work. Our team will help you get the most competitive bids.
  5. Save energy, money, and have happier tenants!

Since 2008, CNT Energy, in partnership with Community Investment Corporation, has delivered energy efficiency upgrades in more than 13,000 apartment units in larger apartment buildings (those with 5 or more units) in northern Illinois. We’re excited to extend our expertise and experience to the small multifamily building sector and help preserve affordable housing in our area.

The Small Multifamily Energy Savers program is open to owners of residential small multifamily buildings located in the City of Chicago. For a limited time, applicants may also qualify for a free assessment, valued at $400 to $600. Apply now to schedule your small multifamily building assessment or call us at (855) 372-8377.

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