Proposed Ordinance Requires Greener Stormwater Management in Chicago Region

Flickr photo by clarkmaxwell

Flickr photo by clarkmaxwell

URGENT – Public comments close on August 9, 2013

A new stormwater management ordinance proposed by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) will require developers of new development and redevelopment projects over certain size thresholds in Cook County to take reasonable action to manage stormwater on their sites using green infrastructure.  The requirements in the draft Cook County Watershed Management Ordinance (WMO) will reduce the amount of stormwater runoff entering the sewer system and the likelihood of sewer overflows. While it will not fix our region’s current water pollution and flooding problems, it is intended to prevent new development and redevelopment projects from making these problems worse.

CNT urges residents to call, email or write the MWRD Commissioners, and send a message to MWRD Director of Engineering Catherine O’Connor, as soon as possible to let them know that you support adoption of the proposed ordinance as quickly as possible so that it takes effect very soon and starts providing the intended benefits.

MWRD will be hosting four public meetings to explain the draft Cook County Watershed Management Ordinance (WMO) to the public. It is a lengthy document, and MWRD has indicated that it would post a summary on its website in the next few days.

The full ordinance and information on the times and locations of the meetings, and how to submit written comments is found on the MWRD website.

CNT was a member of the Advisory Committee formed by MWRD to evaluate and prepare the WMO.

If you have any questions about the WMO, please contact Hal Sprague, Manager of Water Policy at CNT, at 773-269-4046.