CNT’s Wetrofit Service is a Rain Ready Solution for Your Home

Heavy rains can leave basements and streets underwater, so it’s time to get rain ready.

CNT’s Wetrofit® service offers solutions for property owners and municipalities to help protect homes from urban flooding.

For many homeowners, being prepared for rain means more than just remembering an umbrella on your way out the door. It means the security of knowing that when the clouds lift, the inside of your house will be as dry as it was before the storm started. It means falling asleep to the patter of raindrops without having to wake up every few hours to check for water in the basement. It means finally seeing your daughter’s new city or the country of your ancestors, and knowing that your house will be okay even if it rains while you’re gone.

Already in its successful pilot phase, Wetrofit uses plumbing, building, and landscape improvements to keep water out of basements and backyards. Wetrofit can also deliver the additional benefits of beautifying homes and increasing property values through installation of rain gardens and permeable pavement. And, by capturing raindrops where they fall, these solutions help keep rivers and lakes free from the toxins that stormwater picks up during its run through the streets.

In developing the Wetrofit service, CNT’s stormwater team spent 2013 conducting property audits of eighteen flood-damaged homes in and around Chicago. All of the property owners were given individualized assessment reports outlining recommendations for investments to reduce future flood damage. From re-grading properties so rainwater flows away from houses, to the installation of backwater valves to prevent sewage from backing up into buildings, Wetrofit offers an assortment of cost-effective strategies to keep water out. Read more about our Wetrofit pilots in the Chicago-area communities of Albany Park and Highland Park

So far, four of the assessed properties have undergone the recommended installations, with costs ranging from $1,700 to $3,500.

“If multiple homes in flood-prone neighborhoods made our recommended home improvements, they could provide the additional benefit of relieving pressure on overwhelmed municipal sewer systems,” said Ryan Wilson, CNT’s Wetrofit Services Manager. “This could offer significant cost savings to taxpayers and municipalities.”

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