The Urban Sustainability Tech Challenge

We connect entrepreneurs, designers, and developers with the data and resources they need to create innovative solutions to neighborhood problems.

The 2017 Urban Sustainability Tech Challenge

The annual CNT Urban Sustainability Tech Challenge identifies Chicago talent developing innovative solutions in energy, transportation, water, and built environment and connects them with major innvoation and civic leadersto develop solutions and talent energized around solving urban infrastructure challenges. 

We are assembling diverse stakeholders to solve big urban problems. Leading up to the competition, CNT will organize symposia at which innovation leaders leaders work with challenge participants on the infrastructure issues they are tackling and how they are leveraging technology to find new solutions. CNT will involve corporate partners, the tech community, nonprofit partners, and others to identify and support digital entrepreneurs within the Challenge. Winners of the 2017 Urban Sustainability Tech Challenge will receive cash and other prizes, visibility in the community, and the possibility of being a part of CNT's urban testlab. 

CNT will hold its annual Celebration on September 28. 2017.  Stay tuned for more details


The 2016 Urban Sustainability Tech Challenge

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“The CNT Urban Sustainability Apps Competition is an excellent opportunity for residents to connect with the broader tech community in developing innovations that tackle what were once insurmountable challenges.”

Brenna Berman
Chief Information Officer--Chicago Department of Innovation and Technology