Regional Energy Planning

As communities and counties grow, there is a substantial increase in the demand for energy. Managing the load puts stress on publicly funded infrastructure. CNT Energy conducts a unique analysis of current population and land use data, future population and land use projections, and infrastructure and consumer energy usage data, offering technical assistance to help local governments plan for the energy needs of growing communities and develop energy efficiency strategies for managing growing energy demands.

Kane County Energy Solutions is an example of CNT’s approach to energy planning. CNT Energy, then the Community Energy Cooperative, coordinated the project and produced the Kane County Energy Plan (released in 2005) in cooperation with the Kane County Departments of Development and GIS Technologies, ComEd, and an advisory committee of local stakeholders.

CNT Energy’s energy planning services include energy and land use research and analysis and recommendations for incorporating energy policy into existing policies and zoning ordinances. The Cooperative also offers training and educational materials for planners, plan examiners, code enforcement officials, and elected officials.

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