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Healing fractured water: How Michigan's roadways impact our waterways

MetroMode | November 12, 2015

Designing green infrastructure to manage both flooding and water quality takes not only an open mind on the part of the road designers, but also the right local conditions. Often green infrastructure is designed just to handle small storm events, but when designed for a larger storm event an actually the design can achieve meaningful impact on flood control.

Meaningful impact on flood control is the goal of CNT's RainReady. Harriet Festing is the project's coordinator and a water programs director for CNT. The project works with individual homeowners and communities to help them find solutions to stormwater runoff.


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True housing affordability in Portland: Beyond the rent

Oregon Metro News | October 23, 2015

CNT President Scott Bernstein recently presented at Portland's Metro Regional Center about housing and transportation affordability in Portland. He shared the insight that the conventional view of housing affordability paints an incomplete picture -- the cost of transportation must be factored in as well since a household's location can dramatically impact the cost of getting around. This insight forms the backbone of our Housing and Transportation (H+T®) Affordability Index, which maps the costs of housing and transportation in metro areas all across the country. Read the full article for the top seven takeaways from Scott's presentation.

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The Suburb That Tried To Kill the Car

Politico | October 22, 2015

CNT's Transit-Oriented Development Manager Kyle Smith and the Right Size Parking Calculator we built for King County, WA were both featured in this story on Evanston, IL, a Chicago suburb that has reinvented itself through transit-oriented development.

“In our region, all kinds of suburbs want to be Evanston,” says Kyle Smith, a TOD specialist at Chicago’s nonprofit Center for Neighborhood Technology. “All of Evanston’s neighbors look jealously and say ‘I want a Trader Joe’s, I want jobs, I want that walkable downtown.'”

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Campaign advocates for CTA Brown Line extension

The DePaulia | October 13, 2015

There's a huge gap in Chicago’s public transportation system, which anyone who has ever flown out of O’Hare or lives out there has become accustomed to.

“Unfortunately, when our transit system was laid out, it was laid out in a radial fashion,” said Jacky Grimshaw, the campaign director for Transit Future, an organization pushing for the modernization and expansion of the region’s public transportation. “The various train lines terminate in the Loop, which is fine if you live on one of those radial systems, but if you live between the spokes, then your transit commute time is much longer.”

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In The Loop: Deep Tunnel

WYCC - PBS Chicago | October 1, 2015

For decades, Chicagoland has been planning a massive infrastructure project, colloquially known as the Deep Tunnel, to retain the region's stormwater. CNT President Scott Bernstein offered some nature-based alternatives for managing stormwater at a fraction of the cost.

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Winnetka to begin exploring stormwater management alternatives

The Chicago Tribune | September 22, 2015

The remainder of 2015 will see new discussions among the Winnetka Village Council and village staff regarding new options for managing the village's stormwater after the council decided to shelve the Willow Road tunnel project when a recent cost estimate took the proposed project from $58.5 million to $81.3 million.

CNT's Harriet Festing said that sewer backup, seepage and other problems could in part be solved with landscaping and physical barriers that could prove much less costly than the Willow Road Tunnel project. 

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