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Compañías encuentran tácticas para evadir vivienda asequible

Univision - Chicago | February 18, 2016

CNT's Kyle Smith told Univision that there is a great need to build affordable housing in areas such as Humboldt Park, Logan Square and Pilsen, and to provide convenient access to public transit to access jobs -- something that many families with low or medium incomes desperately need.

According to CNT data, home rentals near a bus stop between California Avenue and Division Street in Humboldt Park have been less affordable than in recent years.

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Experts and Advocates Weigh in on Rauner’s Proposal to Widen the Stevenson

Streetsblog Chicago | February 5, 2016

CNT President Scott Bernstein told Streetsblog Chicago that Governor Rauner's proposal to address congestion on the Stevenson Expressway, aka I-55, by adding lanes.seems to put too much focus on moving cars, rather than people. “It’s being justified in terms of congestion,” Bernstein said. “I didn’t hear anything about demand reduction. In a true managed corridor, you’d have bus lanes and HOV lanes, things that don’t assume single-occupant vehicles are going to be the primary mode.”


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CNT Study of D.C. Parking Could Pave the Way for Better Chicago Policies

Streetsblog Chicago | January 20, 2016

Chicago’s City Council recently passed a beefed-up transit-oriented development ordinance that eliminates parking minimums for new residential buildings near transit. However, new development outside of the TOD zones still are still generally required to provide a parking space for every unit.

A report co-authored by Chicago’s Center for Neighborhood Technology provides more evidence that this kind of arbitrary parking mandate is inappropriate. It makes an argument that instead of parking minimums, evidence-based projections should be used to determine how many – if any – spaces should be built. The study, which focused on Washington, D.C., was honored last week as the best transportation and land use paper of 2016 by the Transportation Research Board.

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Elmhurst considers hiring consultant for individual home flood-proofing

The Chicago Tribune | January 19, 2016

With several flood mitigation projects for neighborhoods or larger city areas in Elmhurst underway or set to start in spring, the next step for aldermen on the city's Public Works Committee is to consider approaches to flood-proofing individual homes, properties that won't be helped by larger scale projects.

That process continued Jan. 11 as committee members reviewed a proposal from CNT's RainReady, which works with towns and directly with homeowners to protect property from storm events.

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Rapid transit's worth might be more than you think, new reports say

Albuquerque Business First | January 12, 2016

Two new reports say Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) will improve access to jobs and residences and spur upwards of $3 billion in new property development near the transit corridor.

One of the reports that’s currently being compiled by the Center for Neighborhood Technology, says ART’s improvements to local transit would save riders between 8 and 16 percent of their income, an overview of the study shows. “As location efficiency goes up, vehicle ownership and the cost of travel goes down,” said Scott Bernstein, president and co-founder of CNT.

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The Best And Worst Cities For Finding A Job In 2016

Forbes | January 6, 2016

A new year is upon us, and many Americans have tailored their resolutions towards the professional. With that in mind, personal finance site WalletHub took a look at the cities where work abounds in 2016–as well as the places to which those on the hunt won’t want to consider a move. 

To develop this list, researchers used data from government agencies including the U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, as well as Indeed, the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) and WalletHub’s own research.

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