Publications for 2007

Reconnecting Fort Wayne: Transportation Management Associations

December 1, 2007

Leaders in Fort Wayne have identified sustainability as a strategy for economic growth that also improves the environment and quality of life.

Reconnecting Fort Wayne: Streetcars

December 1, 2007

Fort Wayne needs a dramatic catalyst to create excitement about its new urban future. Streetcars could play that role. Streetcars are enjoying a resurgence across the nation. Many cities that once had streetcars are reviving them; other cities are building their first systems.

Reconnecting Fort Wayne: Car Sharing

December 1, 2007

This report provides an overview of how car sharing works and how it can benefit Fort Wayne, as well as start-up strategies and recommendations for next steps based on the specific opportunities available in Fort Wayne.

Reconnecting Fort Wayne: UPASS

December 1, 2007

Fort Wayne is fortunate to have a number of universities within its boundaries. One option that offers potential benefits to students and their schools is the UPASS, a transit pass purchased in bulk that offers unlimited use for a specified period of time, usually a school term.

Reconnecting Fort Wayne: Housing + Transportation Affordability

December 1, 2007

In a sustainable Fort Wayne, residents have the opportunity to reduce the cost and impacts of travel. This report provides information on housing and transportation (H + T) costs in Fort Wayne.

Illinois Pedestrian Rules of the Road

November 21, 2007

This handy pocket/wallet guide explains what both pedestrians and drivers need to do to keep Illinois walking safely.

Cargo-Oriented Development Gives TOD New Meaning in Older Communities

November 1, 2007

Among the many benefits of smart growth initiatives, building off a community’s underutilized transit and freight assets is a development strategy that can offer a rich combination of paybacks: business and job growth, viable local small businesses, cost savings for the average household, and increased home ownership opportunities.

Reconnecting Fort Wayne: Building a Sustainable Future on an Innovative Past

June 1, 2007

Fort Wayne today faces many challenges: how to gain and retain new jobs in a changing global economy; how to make the most efficient use of limited natural resources; how to build a prosperous city for all residents in a way that does not damage the possibility of future generations enjoying continued prosperity. Reconnecting Fort Wayne [...]

The Wangari Maathai Natural Garden at the Al Raby School For Community & Environment

June 1, 2007

CNT and a new addition to the Chicago Public School system, Al Raby High School, are transforming the school’s physical environment into the optimal environmental leadership learning environment with the installation of a native woodland garden.

School Safety Busing: Serious Safety Hazards in Cook County, 1980-2006

January 1, 2007

Since 1980, as part of the School Safety Busing program, school boards across Illinois have been documenting Serious Safety Hazard Findings and submitting them to their IDOT district office for approval. Thousands of forms were submitted in the last two-and-a-half decades representing an opportunity to document and assess safety hazards affecting children in Illinois: Where [...]