Bryan Nelson

Field Manager, RainReady

Bryan Nelson joined CNT at the beginning of this year as an associate of the RainReady Home Program.  A good majority his time is spent in the field, working with clients of the project, learning to assess properties with water damage, and how to mitigate flooding.  As Bryan quickly acquires experience, he will be taking on responsibilities in an ever expanding role.

Bryan has found a new passion here at CNT in the RainReady program because he too experienced flooding at his home, in the spring of 2015, and understands the impact flooding can have on the home and homeowner. Previously, Bryan worked at Jane Addams Resource Corp. doing workforce development in manufacturing as an instructor in CNC Machining and forklift operating. Being bilingual has aided in the diversity of people Bryan has worked with, from alternative high school students to adults with employment barriers. 

Bryan has a mechanical and manufacturing background and is set to extend his skillset when he attends home inspection school in the summer. He is looking to become a licensed home inspector and apply what he has learning to future projects here at CNT with the RainReady team.