Molly Oshun

Director, RainReady

Molly joined CNT in 2015 to manage the expansion of RainReady Community, an initiative to help residents and policymakers find solutions to the problem of too much or too little water in their communities. A native Californian, Molly is all too familiar with the impact of water stress on urban resilience in a changing climate. Prior to CNT, she worked at Imagine H2O, a startup accelerator driving entrepreneurial solutions to the global water challenge. An engineer by training, Molly pursues opportunities to build community capacity to understand and care for their natural resources. For several years, Molly managed outreach for the Presidio Parkway, a highway redevelopment project to improve public safety from earthquakes and rising tides at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Above all, Molly’s work is informed by principles of social ecology and direct democracy in the urban space.

Molly is a certified conflict mediator with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering from Stanford University.