The Urban Sustainability Tech Challenge

We connect entrepreneurs, designers, and developers with the data and resources they need to create innovative solutions to neighborhood problems.

From April through September 2017, CNT is bringing together a collaborative cohort of entrepreneurs, community members, and technologists with the Urban Sustainability Tech Challenge. CNT will work hand-in-hand with community members to help them navigate the development of solutions to urban sustainability problems, from concept to prototype development, and beyond. The Challenge is a “design-think” challenge—a human-centered approach to innovation that integrates the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success. The method focuses on the three main elements of a product or solution: people, technology, and business, all of which evolve around the end user. 

2017 will focus the cohort along CNT’s four pillars—energy, water, transportation, and the built environment. Neighborhood innovators and budding entrepreneurs will collectively design a solution to an urban problem, leveraging CNT data. Possible examples include traffic congestion, flooding, rising energy costs, and aging infrastructure. The cohort will follow a seven-step business development process that can be replicated in the development of subsequent businesses by participants.  The cohort will present their findings to date at CNT’s Sustain-a-City Celebration on September 28, 2017. 



CNT will hold its annual Celebration on September 28, 2017. At the Celebration you’ll be at the forefront of urban innovation, and have an opportunity to share ideas with others who value urban environments that are resilient, sustainable, and livable for people from all walks of life. Presented by Microsoft, the Sustain-a-City Celebration will be hosted by Platinum Sponsor ComcastNBCUniversal at the exciting Studio XFINITY.   Register today!

View highlights from last year's event below, courtesy of Comcast:  




CNT welcomes corporations and individuals to join us as sponsors for the Challenge and the Celebration.  For information about sponsorship packages, download below and contact Paul Cusimano at or call 773.269.4029.  Tailored sponsorships to help meet your goals are always available. 

Individual Sponsorships

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